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Solar Rewards

The State of Minnesota offers a solar production incentive to encourage the implementation of solar based clean energy. The State of Minnesota incentive are for sites located in the Investor owned utility areas, as defined by the 2013 energy legislation.

This program is awarded on a lottery basis. The investor owned utilities are; Xcel Energy, Otter Tail, Interstate Power and Minnesota Power.

Some local utilities (Xcel EnergyDakota Electric) offer their own solar incentive programs.

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3 Questions and a Solution

1) How do I start to investigate if my site is a solar viable?

2) What is the process to implement solar at my site?

3) Where do I find out more information regarding solar production incentive programs?

Contact Applied Energy Innovations now and together we’ll start investigating your site to implement your clean energy solutions.


Please contact Steve Haslach /612-532-0384 to find out more about solar for your home, property or business.