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Powderhorn Neighborhood

Applied Energy Innovations installed these two arrays in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. The first floor array is a 3.8 kW system and the second floor comes in at 2.5 kW – both solar electric. The owner commissioned this system in June 2012 to strike a blow for energy independence. AEI installed two arrays for a total of 25 255-watt PV modules for a total system rating of 6,375 watts. We expect the system to produce over 7,321 kWh per year on average, achieving true energy independence for the owner – the system will produce 122% of the household’s annual electricity consumption, returning power to the grid. These two arrays keep 15,227 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the sky each year. It would take 3565 trees to soak up that much carbon dioxide. Over a 25-year span, AEI expects this system will offset 190 tons of carbon dioxide.