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Energy Audits and Weatherization

Contact us today 612-532-0384 to get started.

Ensure Your Family’s Health, Protect Yourself from Rising Energy Costs, and Help Save the Planet

Savings: Energy Audits give you the information to make the right choice for your home and family.

Safety: Energy Audits will protect your family from poisonous gases and toxic mold.

Energy Conservation Planning

Energy Conservation Plan ($272 cost credit)
Are you looking for a comprehensive understanding of your homes energy use? Or what your next best energy conservation step? May it be windows or solar. The Conservation Plan is smart analysis for you homes energy use and improvement.

Cost will be credited toward purchase of weatherization measures.

Energy Review (FREE!)
Are you looking for a cost estimate for improving your insulation and reducing your utility bills? Give us a call and ask about the blower door depressurization test.

Health and Safety

Indoor Air Quality Review
AEI can provide an assessment of your homes indoor air quality. This may include mold, CO, duct leakage, inadequate ventilation, humidity, fire places, or smoke detection. AEI can provide many solutions to your indoor air quality problems.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Introduction to Indoor Air Quality

Radon Testing
Feel safe in knowing if radon is absent, or know the cost to mitigate it.

Radon Mitigation
We will eliminate the risk of radon in your home. Call today for a quote.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Testing

AEI will test your mechanical equipment for CO leakage and back drafting. CO is created in all combustion and can backdraft into your home by your water heater, furnace, boiler, or any combustion appliances.

CO at low levels can cause a wide range of health problems from cardiovascular and heart disease to depression. At levels over 1,000ppm you can suffocate in minutes.

CO Mitigation
The cost to mitigate CO back drafting and other potential issues can be inexpensive.

Mold Environmental Review
Does your home create an environment for mold to grow? We can review your home for indoor air quality problems and recommend solutions.

An AEI recommendation may come with an estimate for you to compare with other contractors.


Water Heater Replacement
There is nothing worse than a cold shower on a cold day. Call us for the smart quick options that don’t leave you in the 1950’s.

Mini Split Estimate and Design
27 SEER means this Air Conditioner is far more efficient than the traditional over furnace AC (12 SEER). AEI can design and install a system that cools and heats the rooms you live in, with the greatest efficiency.

Fujitsu General America
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

HVAC Review
During the winter months you can sleep soundly knowing your furnace will make it another year. AEI can provide you with a full understanding of your heating and cooling equipment, and the distribution system.

HVAC Clean and Tube
AEI will complete a 22 point check list, clean the parts, and tune up the gas pressure to make your furnace or boiler heat more efficiently and last longer.

HVAC Replacement or Upgrade
Is it time to replace the furnace or boiler with that retro design? Fashion from the 70’s may come back but the furnace and boiler technology is staying there. New technology greatly reduces gas consumption. Take control of your utility bills and call AEI today.

Duct Sealing
Duct sealing can bring your home up to todays’ standards and increase your ventilation system by 20% to 30%. Today’s HVAC code requires the ducts to be sealed. Like water, air should only go to the rooms it’s intended for.

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)
Use indoor stale air to heat up outside fresh air. The tighter the home the more mechanical ventilation is needed. The HRV heats incoming air with exhaust air reducing utility bills with fresh air.


Quick Install
Bring your home to today’s standards in an afternoon. Inexpensive quality install for the typical open attic. AEI will add blown cellulose to R-60. Call today for a quote.

Dense Pack
Walls and slants (the angled roof typical in story and a half homes) can be insulated with blown cellulose by AEI.

This will increase a 2” by 4” cavity space to R-9 and a 2” by 6” cavity to R-18. More importantly dense packed cellulose will eliminate air movement through the open cavity, the cause of major heat loss and ice dams.

2-Part Foam
2-part foam, spray foam, and closed cell foam are all names for the best insulation and air sealing product available. R-7 for every inch and completely seals an area.

2-part foam can be applied to attics to spot seal or installed across the entire attic to eliminate all infiltrations. It can also be applied to foundation walls. During construction when the homes studs are exposed 2-part foam can be installed to exterior walls.

2-part foam prices have dropped, so call us now and enjoy lower summer cooling bills and winter heating bills.

Premium (Vac-Seal-Insulate)
The best insulating and air sealing measure the industry can provide is the Vacuum-Seal-Insulate product. AEI will first vacuum and remove all of the existing insulation and junk out of the attic, install 2-part foam across the entire attic floor (2” to 3” deep), and then install blown cellulose to R-60.

This will eliminate all attic infiltrations and create a seamless vapor barrier at the best price.

Air Sealing

Whole House Aire Sealing (Blower Door Reduction)
Indoor air that you have heated and cooled is leaking out of your home. AEI can reduce how much conditioned air leaks out and outside are leaks in.

The blower door depressurization test tells us how many cubic feet per minute are exhausting out of the house while the house is at 50 Pascal’s of pressure, which gives us a lot of information including the air exchanges per hour, blower door to living area square feet ratio, and how many square inches of holes are in the house.

Afer the work is completed we will perform a final blower door test that we compare to the original baseline test, which shows us how many holes we sealed up.

Attic Penetrations
The main culprit of air leaks are attic penetrations. Ceiling fans, dropped soffits, recessed lights, and in some homes the top of the interior walls are open and bringing air all the way from the basement. All of these penetrations should be sealed either by spot sealing for small air leaks or use cardboard for large ones; or the entire attic floor can be sealed with 2-part foam.

Rim Joists
The rim joists is the outside wall where the masonry foundation joins the wood framing. Stone and wood do not seal well and many cracks will be present.

We can foam the rim joist with 2-part foam and seal all of the cracks and insulate to R-20.

General Contracting

Keep the rain out of your basement by moving it away from the home.

AEI will install a non-permeable membrane to the outside of the foundation wall, and grade the lawn so water runs away from the foundation.

Roof Patching
Sometimes it’s best to patch for now so you can make the right choice for the long term. Call today for a quote.

Ice Dam Removal
Keep the water from leaking into the home by calling AEI to remove the ice dams that are bringing water up under the shingles.

Window Remodel
Don’t replace. Remodel! Costly replacements can leave you with the same leaky window and looks out of place with the rest of the home. Remodeling the existing windows can remove the air leaks and increase the insulation.


Contact us today 612-532-0384 to get started.